Data Table Example
ID Name Price Type Status inventory Imagwe Path
ID Name Price Type Status inventory Imagwe Path
24 Humble Hat $20 miscellaneous published In Stock uploads/2018/10/hat5bbacca871e92.png
25 Humble Logo $10 miscellaneous published In Stock uploads/2018/10/tags5bbacd1984496.png
27 Humble Glass $15 miscellaneous published In Stock uploads/2018/10/glass5bbacda5d224b.png
28 Humble Key $10 miscellaneous published In Stock uploads/2018/10/key5bbacdccc7dfa.png
29 Humble Growler $65 miscellaneous published In Stock uploads/2018/10/growler5bbacddecb3cb.jpg
30 Humble Shirts $20 miscellaneous published In Stock uploads/2018/10/shirt5bbad07b3c990.png
38 Imperial Stout 8oz.
IBU 27.81 | ABV 10.8%
Molasses notes with a well balanced roast.
$5 per-glass published In Stock uploads/2018/10/IMG_44115c47aaa32c682.jpg
39 Belgium Amber Ale 12oz.
IBU 34.81 | ABV 7.41%
A Bright Ale with Hints of Clove and Hops upon finish
$5 per-glass published In Stock uploads/2018/10/IMG_44075c47ae4040934.jpg
40 Saison 12oz.
IBU 23.71 | ABV 7.21%
A soft malt taste with spice, and fruit-like flavor.
$5 per-glass published In Stock uploads/2018/10/IMG_44045c47b06821dad.jpg
41 The Helltown Blonde 12oz.
IBU 32.61| ABV 4.56%
A Crisp Malt Flavor, with Subtle Hop Flavor.
$5 per-glass published In Stock uploads/2018/10/IMG_43995c47b2eb9a3f8.jpg

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